Karen has great depth of experience with psychotherapy and has provided individual and couples' therapy to a number of my patients with very successful results.  In addition, she is adept with trauma issues after having worked with military over a number of years and is trained in EMDR.  She has extensive training in Mindfulness Meditation that is helpful for stress and anxiety.  I would highly recommend Karen as a very competent and skillful clinician.

Michele Hauser, M.D., Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatry and Founder of MBCT Austin

​Austin, Texas


"From my first meeting with Karen Vandiver, I knew she would be terrific to work with. Her warm, articulate and thoughtful manner permeates all she does -- from connecting veterans to our retreats to leading yoga meditation sessions with general groups. She is professional. loyal and loving, a rare combination that inspires many. As a key member of SongwritingWith:Soldiers Advisory Board, she provides expertise that we value tremendously. I highly recommend working with Karen if you have the opportunity."

Mary Judd
Owner Mary Judd Communications, LLC, New York
SongwritingWith:Soldiers, Program Cofounder and Program Director, Austin, Texas  




New Healthworks​      Karen Vandiver, Owner

"Karen Vandiver is a truly gifted, experienced and highly skilled therapist of high professional integrity.  I knew her during my time in Texas when I directed the Warrior Combat Stress Reset Program from 2007-2015.  Reset was the intensive PTSD clinic at Fort Hood.  

I referrerd patients to her on a regular basis, including active duty soldiers and veterans with PTSD and TBI, military families with all manner of dysfuntional situations and the children of military families with behavior problems and school issues.  She was also a strong addition to the Songwriting with Soldiers Project..

Her soldiers and their families loved her.  Her skill set is broad and deep, including family systems therapy, mind-body therapy, trauma focused interventions, and couples therapy.  She provided positive results in a surprisingly short time.

Karen is a positive person, bright, optimistic, and genuine.  I recommend her as a therapist, teacher, and supervisor without reservation."

Jerry Wesch, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist Private Practice

Sedona, Arizona